How Does A Magna Filter Work?

A magnetic filter is integrated into the boiler's pipework to collect debris and sludge to prevent them from building up and clogging the system.

MagnaClean allows you to stop having to flush systems constantly every time they become clogged up with rust with its filtering system.

MagnaClean: How Does It Work?

The MagnaClean filter technology is supposed to be easy to use even before it is installed, unlike most products designed to clean out central heating systems. In addition to being simple to install, once fitted and installed, the filter/magnet design will begin catching rust and sludge as it passes through the pipe. As a result, it is easier to fit on the pipes since it is a more advanced filter. It won't stop water from reaching your radiator or impact the efficiency of your boiler, but it will clear out sludge, rust, debris, and other obstructions. Having removed all of this debris, the remaining water can freely circulate throughout the central heating system.

MagnaClean is a great product, but what are its benefits?

What makes MagnaClean so useful around the house? It's great for heating systems, but what does it offer that makes it so useful?

You get clean water without chemical waste or contamination by filtering out sludge. Your brand new boiler will not be filled with a chemical mess that you will have to flush out later with clean water.

There is no doubt that clean water leads to better heating, whether you are using a gas boiler or an electric central heating system. It is estimated that over the course of only three days, this will have a dramatic effect on your heating system.

By removing debris from the radiators, you can avoid flushing or bleeding the radiators for a long time, and the boiler will also be protected from damage. The MagnaClean could reduce boiler maintenance by a great deal if you have it installed for multiple years.

Even with a warranty, blocked pipes can cause costly or annoying breakdowns. Blockages are fewer, breakdowns are fewer! The installation of a full system could extend the lifespan of both old and new boilers. You will not have to clean your radiators as often and will not see your radiators wear down in days as a result of sludge build up.

Due to more water available and fewer blockages, better heating efficiency results in lower energy bills from your heating system.

In addition to improving the efficiency of your central heating system, your radiators will often heat up faster, ensuring optimum performance.