Hot water not coming from boiler?

Problems with system boilers or regular boilers that result in no hot water

Problems with system boilers or regular boilers that result in no hot water

The most common problems with regular or system boilers are broken thermostats and interruptions in the energy supply. Water cylinders that are not large enough for a family's daily usage can also cause leaks, causing a lack of hot water.

A problem with your gas or electricity supply has arisen  

Your boiler’s energy supply is often interrupted when issues occur with your gas or electricity supply.Make sure you still have gas and electricity before you start thinking your boiler doesn’t work by trying other appliances nearby.

The size of your cylinder is insufficient 

Having a small water cylinder could mean no hot water for your family on a regular basis. The water in the shower would have initially been hot, but by the time the last member stepped in, it would be cold. 

It’s important to check your cylinder size before assuming there’s a problem. It might be time for an upgrade.

There is a leak in the pipes 

Leaks in the system might not be immediately apparent. Over time, a leak will result in your boiler not having enough pressure to send warm water through the taps, resulting in a lack of hot water. 

Keep an eye on your pressure to see if it’s dropped. Check for leaks before topping up the system if it has. 

Combi boilers: Common causes of cold water

You might have trouble with your combi boiler if you have a fault with the diverter valve - or frozen pipes. Pilot light problems and wrong pressure levels are also commonly reported problems that cause no hot water.

There is a problem with the pilot light

A boiler’s pilot light ignites the fuel it runs on, so if it doesn’t light, it will become inoperable.

Modern boilers display an error code when this happens. Depending on how old your boiler is, you might even be able to see where the flame should be, so you will know if it is not lighting properly. 

Frozen pipes 

The freezing of pipes during the coldest months of the year is one of the most common causes of a lack of heating and hot water. You will lose heat as soon as your condensate pipe freezes. 

Luckily, this is the only boiler-related problem you can safely fix yourself, since it just involves warming the affected pipe to melt any frozen water. Hopefully, the boiler will work again after the frozen water is removed. 

The system is under the wrong pressure

Pressure in the system can affect the temperature of hot water. In some cases, boilers may have been under pressure, or they may have been over pressured. 

Top up the pressure if there isn’t enough pressure. A high-pressure level can usually be attributed to a malfunctioning part, which requires an engineer’s attention. 

Diverter valve failure

Water is directed where it is needed by your boiler’s diverter valve. Whenever hot water is needed, it will deliver it directly to the taps. If it fails, your house may lack hot water from any hot tap. If this happens, diverter valves are usually easy to replace, so you are unlikely to need a new boiler. 

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