Does your home need a new boiler installation?

If your home is warm, you may not think much about your boiler, but that isn't always wise. If your boiler is more than a few years old, there are many reasons to consider a new boiler installation. Here are four advantages a new boiler installation can bring to your property.

Avoid unexpected failures

Your boiler may be working well now, but the older a boiler becomes, the more likely it is it will fail unexpectedly. While routine maintenance can reduce the likelihood of failure, it is always possible that the boiler could stop working, leaving you and your family to endure freezing winter temperatures, before facing an expensive repair bill. Rather than managing for days without hot water and heating, it’s better to arrange a new boiler installation and keep your boiler modern and fully functioning.

Avoid unnecessary costs

How much thought have you given to the efficiency of your boiler? Your boiler may provide the heating and hot water you need, but there is no guarantee that the boiler is working efficiently. Older boilers tend to consume boiler fuel than more modern boilers and operate less efficiently as they age. You may think that a new boiler installation is expensive, but when you consider the amount of money you are wasting by running a less efficient boiler day after day, the investment in a new boiler can start to look much more reasonable. Installing a new boiler can reduce your overheads and free you to spend that money elsewhere.

Ensure the safety of your family

Safety should always be a priority for every homeowner. No one wants to think that they are putting their family at risk, yet older boilers carry potential risks, you should understand. A boiler that is older or not well maintained can release harmful gasses, such as carbon monoxide into your property. Carbon monoxide is not easy to detect as it has no odour or taste, but is potentially deadly. Why take risks with the health of your family? Fitting a new boiler can protect your family, and ensure that your home remains a safe environment for everyone.

Reclaim valuable space

Older boilers tend to be larger than newer boilers. Older boilers are also frequently placed in inconvenient locations around your home. Why not seize the opportunity of a new boiler installation to rearrange your boiler cupboard and reclaim wasted space for something useful?

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